Managing a portfolio of companies that create products and services that represent the unique style and culture of the Pacific Northwest



fab5ventures is a Seattle-based company and the parent company of several businesses that provide products and services by and for the people of the Pacific Northwest. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the region’s technology sector, and our love of the geography and the people, we believe we are in a unique position to provide products and services that represent the unique style and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

First we look at developing products and services that have a unique northwest feel. Once we’ve developed that product or service, if it meets our criteria (profitable, socially responsible, and makes people happy), then we form a company around it and add it to the fab5ventures portfolio. Then we manage that company and leverage the strengths of our other companies to keep our costs down and increase our profits.



If you’re not from the Pacific Northwest, you may find our business strategy a little different. Of course the goal of any for-profit business is to make money, and fab5ventures is no exception. But our other goals are to have fun, give back to the community, and always try to do what’s socially responsible. So our strategy is to focus on products and services that have real profit margins while at the same time they meet our goals, and ultimately make everyone from our employees to our customers to our vendors and partners happy.

fab5ventures is not a deep-pocketed venture capital firm. All of our companies use traditional financing, so we take a conservative approach to each and every business investment we make. We’re constantly looking at where we can mitigate any risks to our business and finances. And we believe in organic growth, building the companies from their profits and small business loans.

Information technology

Organization and people

With extensive experience and knowledge in Information Technology, fab5ventures puts technology to use in every facet of the companies we manage. All of our companies start with solid business plans, and each one of those plans has a strong technology section. We use technology to increase our profits by reducing our costs of inventory, managing our business, and of course to market our products and services, just to name a few.

The Pacific Northwest is a great place to work for so many reasons. All one has to do is be here on a beautiful sunny day and it will become evident very quickly as to why people live and work here. Where else can you put in a full day’s work and then head to the mountains for some night skiing; or during the Summer months get in some water skiing or fly fishing before your day begins. But it’s not just the great outdoors that makes the Pacific Northwest so great; it’s the People. The Pacific Northwest is full of well-educated, highly technical, and socially conscious people. fab5ventures’ companies not only cater to this demographic, they’re the people that we love to work with and love to hire.


Business strategy

Finance and risk


Fuego is contemporary Mexican Cuisine with a touch of Pacific Northwest flavors, paired with regionally produced wines. This is probably not the Mexican food you’re used to having. Fuego is all about creating contemporary versions of Mexico's little-known regional specialties. Our catering business is not just dropping off food in foil trays, nor is it pulling up in front of a home or business with a taco truck…it’s about bringing the elegance and ambience of fine dining to the venue. Fuego also provides the catering for events hosted and managed by Artisan Wines NW.


Coming Soon

Northwest Wine Makers

In 2007 we produced two vintages from grapes grown in Eastern Washington, a Syrah and a Pinot Noir. That experience paved the way for Artisan Wines NW. There are so many great small wine makers in the northwest, so we help them market their incredible wines to restaurants and wine lovers through special wine tasting events throughout the region and the rest of the US.


Coming Soon

Seahawks Fans

What an amazing season the Seattle Seahawks had in 2013-2014. The Super Bowl Champions have earned their rings, and we think the Seahawks fans - known as "The 12th Man" have earned their rings too. There wasn't a louder and prouder fan base in all of the NFL. To commemorate the team's Super Bowl victory, we designed a unique championship ring like no other. Our "Ring for the 12s" is not a replica ring. It is a ring specifically for the fans.




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Managing a portfolio of companies that create products and services that represent the unique style and culture of the Pacific Northwest